12 Tips for Social Selling on LinkedIn

Social media can be used to attract targeted customers online. All it takes is a well thought-out profile and a sophisticated strategy. Learn here what you need to know about LinkedIn and Co. and secure additional income with social selling!

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In recent years, social media has established itself as a popular sales platform for a wide variety of companies to sell their products and services. However, the successes are limited.

Especially B2B companies encounter problems on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and similar networks. However, LinkedIn offers itself as a promising alternative. With a professional profile, you have the opportunity to generate additional income without major investments, while observing the most important techniques.

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Social Selling as the Key to Success

Social selling is the identification of potential customers as well as establishing and maintaining contact via social networks. In this way, companies try to establish long-term customer contacts and thus generate sustainable added value

In contrast to classic social media marketing, the aim is not to reach as many people as possible through content. Rather, this method aims to address the relevant target group directly. LinkedIn offers the ideal platform for this type of marketing. In the following guide, you will learn how to use the website and how to proceed.

Tips for an Appealing Profile

Your company profile is the basis for successful social selling. This is where a potential customer gets to know you and your business and often interacts with you for the first time. For this reason, you should consider the following points to ensure an appealing presentation:

The Profile Picture

Visitors to your company profile always see the profile picture first. Use a picture that makes your company look friendly and competent at the same time. Many company pages use a simple but memorable logo as a profile picture. Depending on the size of the company and the market, it can also make sense to use a picture of your team or your headquarters.

The Background Image

To emphasize the visual presentation of your profile, you also need to make an effort to create a successful background image. Use it as an eye-catcher and express the values of your company here, for example, or refer to further content.

Your Slogan

Below the name of your profile, there is space for the slogan of your company. The content of this short text should precisely summarize what you offer and what your company stands for.

LinkedIn Slogan Aioma

Description of Your Company

In addition to the slogan, you have the option of inserting a detailed description. Present your competences and offers in detail and explain to your potential customers what sets you apart from the competition. Also explain your achievements and give your visitors an insight into your references.

Your Contact Details

Of course, the company profile must also serve its purpose: Establishing contacts with potential customers. Therefore, it is essential to provide your contact details. In addition to your phone number and e-mail address, you should also include a link to your own website.

Targeted Customer Search with ABM as the Foundation for Your Social Selling

Account based marketing strategies are gaining popularity. They allow you to target your company's internal marketing to a specific customer or defined customer groups. The key to success here is the interplay between sales and marketing. Social networks are the ideal platform for this type of marketing. To ensure that you too can use ABM effectively, you should consider the following points when planning:

Step 1: Determine your Focus

Account based marketing can be implemented in two basic ways. Either you specialize in targeting a few important customers, or you focus on several similar accounts. So be sure to discuss and define your focus with your ABM team right from the start and determine how you want to proceed.

Step 2: Prioritize Accounts

You will quickly notice that some accounts have a higher value than others. Therefore, you need to create a list of prioritized accounts in consultation with sales. Also discuss their importance and what your goals are. This prioritization should be comprehensible at all times.

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Step 3: Align Sales and Marketing

The goal of your account based marketing strategies is always to generate leads for your sales department. However, it's a good idea to determine how to build Sales Reps directly into the process right at the beginning. So, in your LinkedIn company profile, you have several options to integrate sales reps directly into your planned processes. For example, you can automatically notify specific sales reps if one of your target accounts interacts with your content.

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Step 4: Deliver Personalized Content

In the Campaign Manager of your profile, you will find various account targeting functions. With their help, you can set up extensive campaigns and provide personalized content to specific target accounts. Extensive targeting parameters are available to you to define the desired areas.

How to Sell Successfully via Your Company Profile

Once you have created a well thought-out profile and worked out ABM strategies, it is important to maintain existing contacts with customer accounts and promote sales via the platform. In doing so, you should consider the following tips:

Tip 1: High-Quality Content

While a thoroughly developed company profile provides a stable foundation, it is not enough in the long run. Regularly provide new content. Make sure your content is in line with the interests of your target accounts.

Tip 2: Contact and Conversations with Added Value

Once you have identified promising leads within your prioritized accounts, you should start the conversation. Contact them and personalize your messages based on the data you have previously collected about the potential customer. In addition, involve more experts from your sales team to demonstrate your expertise to the customer.

Tip 3: Take the Next Step

Once you have established a close contact with the target account, you should try to get your customer to talk to you offline. For example, offer them a face-to-face meeting where you can work with the sales team to discuss the customer's individual needs and respond to their requests.

Conclusion: Social Selling and ABM as Secret Sauce for Success in B2B Marketing

Social selling and account based marketing promote success in B2B marketing. In the long run, you generate sustainable additional revenue, ensure traceability of your marketing measures and generate lasting added value for you and your customers. For this reason, it is worth going the extra mile and developing and implementing appropriate strategies based on your company profile.