More traffic and leads for your B2B company with online sales

For a modern B2B company, a well-functioning online sales department is an important building block for the success of the company. It is not enough to create a website, but you should also know the levers to gain more traffic and leads for your business.

online sales

What does online sales mean?

The term online sales includes all activities in the field of digital media that a B2B company can use. In this context, the first goal of the company is to build the largest possible online presence, for example:

  • Draw attention to itself

  • Strengthen the awareness of their own company and expand their reach

  • Receive inquiries for the company's products and services Generate prospective customers who will later become customers of the company

  • Promote sales of the company's own products

  • In the digital age, it is vital for any business to have a comprehensive presence online.

Potential customers search the web specifically for information that is helpful in solving their own problems.

If these solutions are found, the product purchase phase begins seamlessly, which in the B2B segment is often accompanied by a longer decision-making phase. Here, it is crucial that you know the needs of your ideal customers in order to stay in business.

The goal is to understand your leads and be ready at every touchpoint in the customer journey with information and valuable content that is helpful to the target customer.

This only works when the marketing and sales people in your company work together. Together, they can solve the customer's problems and connect with sales at the appropriate time.

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Does your B2B company need online sales?

The answer to this question is an unqualified YES!

Historically, sales in the B2B segment have been heavily driven by face-to-face contacts. These include:

  • Trade show sales

  • Presentation at the company location

  • Sales via field staff

  • Sales via representatives

This behavior has changed due to current restrictions on personal contacts and the elimination of numerous trade fairs and exhibitions. At the same time, customer needs have changed.

Decision-makers in the B2B sector who are looking for solutions to problems first obtain information on the Internet.

If solutions are found there, the direct contact is also made directly digitally.

For this reason, it is crucial for your company to set up a contemporary online sales department on all digital channels, if possible. It is not sufficient to place a website for your company on the Internet and to list a number of products there.

For successful online sales, it is helpful to know the set screws on the net so that your website can also be found and subsequently increase new customers and sales of the company's products via increased traffic. But how does this work?

Digitize your sales

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Search engine optimized website

Make your website visitor-friendly for your leads while also ensuring that Google finds your website exciting and rewards that with a top ranking.

Keep in mind these important facts for your web presence:

  • Your content must be current and geared toward the needs of potential customers

  • Describe current and relevant topics in your corporate blog

  • Use the right keywords to be found by prospects and customers

  • Focus your content more on information than on product advertising

  • Facilitate the handling for your visitors by an active user guidance

Your optimized website is an important building block for online sales and ensures additional business success.

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Social Selling

The presence of social networks is also becoming increasingly important in the B2B segment.

It is not very successful for an employee in the marketing team to get on the phone and call off a list of potential customers. In some cases, cold calling also involves legal concerns.

For this reason, it's easier for your online sales team to engage with good digital content on social networks such as:

  • Facebook

  • Instagram

  • LinkedIn

  • XING

and build your own community of interested readers here.

The approach you should take is to regularly feature topical and interesting posts from your business on social media that add value to potential customers.

In doing so, it is a good idea if you provide your articles with lead magnets that prompt the reader to contact your online sales department. This behavior allows you to start a dialogue with prospects and connect with your ideal customers.

Preview LinkedIn Post

Source: Preview of a LinkedIn post with the Aioma software

Ad Strategy

In order to increase sales in your online sales in the short term, you should think about using a targeted ad strategy. In this context, it is important to have good content on your website at the same time that adds value to your visitors.

The investment of specific Google or even social ads can possibly become costly for your online sales. For this reason, this strategy is only recommended for selected focus topics.

Here, you must succeed in reaching your desired customers directly, so that a timely referral for a consultation appointment to the sales department takes place.


For online sales, there are several ways to optimize the clout of your own website. Through search engine optimization, social selling and the purchase of the right ads, it is possible to generate additional traffic on the company's own website and significantly increase the reach.

As a result, this means for companies in the B2B segment an increase in results in online sales and the acquisition of additional customers for a successful business in the future.