HubSpot vs. Aioma Lead Scoring

68% of companies in B2B have a lead scoring solution in place, but only 40% of them are able to add value to sales. If you're looking for a better solution for your lead qualification, you should take a closer look at HubSpot and Aioma.

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Why is it that lead scoring often misses the mark - identifying hot leads? Probably because the model used usually doesn't map enough facets. With HubSpot Scores and Aioma 3D Lead Scoring, however, you already have two good solutions for your systematic lead qualification

How HubSpot Lead Score Properties Work

If you're a HubSpot Marketing Professional or Enterprise user, there's a very special property type available to you: the HubSpot Scores. HubSpot Scores give you, as a user, the ability to score your contacts based on various criteria.

For example, you can define that contacts who are in the list "Contact details complete" receive +15 points in the score. In return, you can reduce the score by -30 points for all contacts who have not been on your website or opened an email from you in the last 60 days.

The Advantages of HubSpot Scores

HubSpot offers you the possibility to evaluate many different facets from the HubSpot ecosystem and to summarize them in one value. This way, you can quickly reuse your contact data from the HubSpot CRM and expand it where necessary.

Since you can create different properties, you also get the necessary flexibility to map different categories, topics, target groups or markets. Just as you need it at the moment. Often the different scores are used to evaluate your customers separately from your leads, because different criteria indicate an upsell or cross-sell opportunity than a first purchase.

The Limitations of HubSpot Scores

Although the system behind HubSpot Scores is quite simple, the setup needs to be well thought out and already requires a good knowledge of your leads and their behaviors. After all, if you don't know which behaviors have a positive or negative impact on your sales opportunities, it becomes an impossibility to get a meaningful score.

The score alone doesn't help your sales team, because it doesn't directly tell you how it came about and why the lead is really hot

So your sales team always has to review your lead's entire timeline and data before they know how best to approach the contact and provide a good experience.

Many marketers also stumble their way to meaningful scores because they don't update their scoring criteria when there are changes in the CRM. For example, there may be new, important content offers that should be included in the scoring

Aioma 3D Lead Scoring

Aioma relies on artificial intelligence for their lead scoring. To qualitatively score your contacts, all you need to do is install the tracking code on your website and import your existing contacts or sync with your CRM.

Based on the behavioral patterns and enriched data of your contacts, a profile with different scores is then created

The first level shows how relevant one of your products or core topics is for the contact. This data is then combined with other behavioral and demographic data to create the 3D Score. The 3D Score automatically provides you with a relevance score based on machine learning, which serves as a qualification criterion for the handover of your leads to sales.

The Advantages of Aioma Lead Scoring

There is probably no easier and faster solution to elicit the quality of your leads than Aioma offers. Because after onboarding you don't have to configure or set up anything, but can rely on the so-called Aioma autopilot.

Thus, the solution is extremely resource-efficient and offers you a clear platform that can be easily used by both marketing and sales to exploit the full potential of your leads.

The Limitations of Aioma Lead Scoring

If you have very specific ideas and clear plan on how you want to qualify your leads, Aioma is probably not the right solution, as you can only make certain basic settings and then have to hand over the wheel. However, the options are constantly being expanded so that your 3D Lead Score can be tailored to your business as much as possible.

Bottom Line: HubSpot for Large Enterprises, Aioma for SMBs

If you have the manpower and knowledge in-house to use HubSpot's full suite of products, HubSpot Lead Scores are definitely a no-brainer for you, too. If that's not the case, Aioma's solution is especially recommended as an entry-level solution to lead management and lead scoring, which can be implemented without prior knowledge and is extremely resource-efficient.